Xenia Iwanowa

Xenia Iwanowa

Dance · Freestyle

Innsbruck, Austria

I was born in Russia (Brjansk) moved to Ukraine (Kiev) then to Germany (Bochum) and now ended up in Austria (Innsbruck)

Describe briefly the longboarding scene in your area.

Well, there is a huge downhill community here in Innsbruck. But since I do not freeride or downhill I am almost the only dancing/freestyle rider here in Innsbruck (except Stefan… my one and only skatebuddy here 😊)

How long have you been riding and how did you get started with longboarding?

I am skating for 5 years now. By chance I watched a video from Longboard Girls Crew on YouTube and I thought: wow I can do it too, if I want to.

So I started together with my boyfriend. He was always better than me in doing tricks. I was pretty competitive. I wanted to be on the same level. So I have practiced a lot and one day I started to be better 😊

What’s your favorite trick or thing to do on a board and why?

At the moment it is the Big Spin, because I finally managed to land it.

Big Spin
Big Spin
How did longboarding change you as a person?

There are a lot of things. I became more self-confident. I learned how to handle frustration. In general, I would say: life is much more fun now!

Do you currently have a sponsor? How did that happen?

Yes. I am a flowrider for Majutsu. Just by chance after a longboard competition in Mannheim three years ago, where I have met Charles.

What are the benefits or perks of being sponsored?

The biggest benefit of my sponsor is, the support I am getting being in a kind of a family. But the whole longboarding scene is already almost a family. Although there are a lot of nationalities – all of them speak the same language, right?

Majutsu Family
Majutsu Family
Do you have an everyday board, the board that you always ride with?

Sure, it is of course the Majutsu Odori.

Describe your setup, what do you like about it?

Trucks: Sabre Hollowlites; Wheels: Lil’hoots 78a; Bushings: BloodOrange 83a and Orangatang Nippels 80a. I like to have a smooth leaning. But it shouldn’t be to loose ( I need a response from my setup, if you know what I mean).

Do you have a crew or friends you skate with regularly? Do you guys have a name? How did you join?

Back in Bochum I had a nice crew: It’s Tim Klasener and Julius Cecior ( Bastl) and Mila (Majutsu).

Fun Fact: When I started to skate Giulia Alfeo was also part of our crew. Our crewname: Axt Gäng. There was no official crew entrance or something… it just happened.

Who inspires you (longboarder or skateboarder) that makes you want to push your progression! Why?

It is difficult to name single person here… I think It’s a mixture of everybody with a smile on the face while riding a board.

Describe briefly what do you do outside longboarding?

I am working in a biotech-company as an analytical assistant. I have a master’s degree in chemistry.

What would people be surprised to know about you?

There is a secret I will announce in few weeks 😉

What are your struggles right now?

My struggles refer to my secret. So wait for it.

What are you most passionate about?

Right now… about my secret😊

One piece of advice when struggling to land a trick

Pause. Refresh your mind. Do yoga. Breathe. And then try again.

A personal quote that keeps you motivated

Take a walk on the wild side.

Suggested Music

I don’t want to suggest any music here, because it is a matter of personal music taste. I listen to everything I like – Do the same.

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