infusing poetry and strength to longboarding, since 2016

Torino, Italy

From time to time we are introduced to new builders and shapers starting from the grassroots level. Time to get to know Whaleboards, they build literal asphalt surfboards.

We are Whaleboards based near Turin, Piedmont ITALY 🇮🇹

Describe briefly the longboarding scene in your area

In Italy skateboarding is not the main sport, there is football ⚽ that is most popular. But in the last time something is going better 🙂

What was the journey that led you to build boards?

I needed a big big longboard to simulate the wave surf so I started to shape something like whales: big, peaceful and calm.

Whaleboards Product Line
Whaleboards Product Line
Core materials in your boards

Whaleboards are completely made of bamboo. It is a fantastic wood that let you have big boards without extra bend with flex.

Before whales was made of birch wood but it is not so strong for long wheelbase

Your most popular boards in your lineup

My favourite board is the Achab model.. Is too big but if you want to bring that to the next trip is possible in some way:)

The Achab is a 5 feet 1 inches long - 11.5 inches wide
The Achab is a 5 feet 1 Inches long – 11.5 Inches wide
What makes you unique?

I think Whaleboards are happy boards, when I put a Whale on the wall and i look it, smiles..

Hehe wait be serious not only honey 🍯 :

I think that with the right setup Whaleboards are cool for surf asphalt.. Shorter boards as large and smooth to ride.

Product Lineup Specs
Do you have a sponsorship program? Any tips you can give to those who aspire to represent your brand?

Sometime I think about sponsorship.. Maybe I can find in the future some way, but is a small brand just for passion for now.

What do you think is the future of skateboarding / longboarding?

I think in the future electric boards become a better option

What do you wish it could be?

I hope in fact that electric boards will became more popular and the riding will became allowed in Italy too.. So we can motorise whales and move to work riding giants

What would people be surprised to know about Whaleboards?

That they are made with a woodworking laboratory and they are painted with a bit of passion in a small garage!

Note: Thank you Valerio for lettings us in into the huge and peaceful side of Whaleboards. All the best and we all hope you grow big and strong like your sea giant inspiration.

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