Story Submission Guidelines

What we’re looking for?

Share the story of your community, pack or crew. How did it all start? What are the fun things you guys like to do? These are just a few questions we find interesting to share to the community. But we are open to other things as long as it’s related to longboarding or skateboarding. We are all about inclusiveness.

BTW you found abooard at it’s infancy. There are still a lot going on behind the scenes. We appreciate that you want to hang out here and share with the community. At the moment we can only publish submitted content, curated by abooard. So please bear with us as we chug along this new path.

Use the forms to send us a message about what you want to share. Be as detailed as you can without writing everything in the message box. And we will get back to you on how to submit your stories.

Right Way

Ownership – make sure you are not copying someone’s content.

Photos – stories with photos are more fun to read so please use photos in your stories. A selection of at least 10 images prepared as: jpeg, 72dpi, 2500px wide, RGB or GRAY or links to any video content.

Your original photos are preferred but if you don’t have access to photos you can search online but please make sure you have the right to use these images. If you need stock photos check out Unsplash or check out this article from Medium.

Content – at least 50 word explanation of the submission.

Links – your social media / website links

Credits – any other form of crediting information needed

When in doubt – ask questions, reach out using the contact form or include it in your message.

Wrong Way

Self promotion – we are open to brand promotions, just not here. Please use the contact form to discuss. (Charges may or may not apply)