Sebastian Eberlein

Freestyle · Dance

Berlin, Germany

I’ve been skating since ~2011, so around 8 years now. My brother started longboarding, so I tried his board and got interested. In the end it was so much fun that I decided to get a board myself.

Describe briefly the longboarding scene in your area


What’s your favorite trick or thing to do on a board and why?

G-turns are my absolute favorite trick. They make me feel like I’m floating.

How did longboarding change you as a person?

Not much, I think. But I would probably not know as people or have as many friends as I do now.

Do you currently have a sponsor? How did that happen?

I’m sponsored by Dasilva Boards and Orangatang Wheels. The sponsorship by Dasilva happened through a friend who introduced me back then. The sponsorship by Orangatang happened, because I was in LA once and got to stay at their Ambassador House. I just asked them if I could join the Team.

Dasilva Boards
What are the benefits or perks of being sponsored?

Getting free stuff 😀

Do you have an everyday board, the board that you always ride with?

A Dasilva Aldous with Paris 50° and Orangatang yellow 86a Fat Frees.

Describe your setup, what do you like about it?

It’s big enough to dance on it and small enough to do freestyle comfortably. The wheels slide well, but are grippy enough to carve and the trucks feel just right.

Do you have a Crew you skate with regularly? Do you guys have a name? How did you join?

Yes, I do. We’re called AWHOU!. We’re a bunch of friends who really like skating together. The same friend who introduced me to Dasilva, Jeff Ellis, also introduced me to the crew.

Who inspires you (longboarder or skateboarder) that makes you want to push your progression! Why?

The thing I like most about skateboarding is learning new things and being able to skate everything. So I enjoy watching people doing something unusual. One person who does exactly that and inspires me is Andy Anderson.

Did this person affect the way you longboard?

No, but he inspired me to skate a small board as well.

Describe briefly what do you do outside longboarding?

I’m currently studying Computer Science and I do software development at a small company here in Berlin.

What would people be surprised to know about you?

That I do software development, I guess?

What are your struggles right now?

Having enough time to skate.

What are you most passionate about?


One piece of advice when struggling to land a trick

Don’t overdo it. Sometimes taking a break helps a lot.

A personal quote that keeps you motivated

I know that I know nothing. – Socrates

It might sound a little depressing at first, but if you’re learning new things it means, in my understanding, that you will discover even more to learn as you progress, which is neat I think.

Suggested Music

Tower of Power – They make really funky music!

Social Media

I hang mostly out on Instagram:, but you can also find footage of me on Youtube: here: and here:

Do you have a website?

I don’t have one, but our crew does:

You can find our adventures and skate footage there.

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