Sebastian a.k.a Chingon

Freestyle · Dancing

Lima, Peru

My name is Sebastian, but my friends call me chingon ;v I’m a longboard dancer & freestyler from Peru. I skate goofy and sometimes regular for some tricks.

I’m 18 and I love languages, but at the moment I can only speak English and Spanish. I’m studying English and well that’s pretty much all I do aside of longboarding of course.

Longboarding is not really popular here in Peru 🙁 There are just some riders who do dancing & freestyle, the other mostly do downhill.

My goal is to promote longboard dancing here in Peru with my videos! Also I’ve made some tutorials. I want to grow the longboarding community.

I’ve had the same board for more than three years, and it’s still rolling, well kinda haha. 🙁

I’d love to get a dancer board, but I can’t afford to buy one. 🙁 They’re too expensive and that’s why I’d love to be sponsored by @crownboards. ♡ 🙂

Yeah, those are the boards with the most beautiful design I’ve seen! Not only for the drawings it might have on top and below the board, but also for its shape! For having the shape of a crown on the tails. 😍

I know that I still have an small Instagram account, but I’ll keep growing. I know that with a dancer board I’ll be able to do better tricks than the ones I do now!

It’s hard to do tricks with my board cuz it barely has a tail. 🙁

And if my tricks improve more people will like what I do and they will want to do it too!

I’ve been skating for more than three years, but only one year practicing dancing and freestyle.

At first I just used my board for cruising, but then I discovered dancing by watching Hans Wouters videos on YouTube

What are your struggles right now?

Well my struggles right now are lack of motivation. 😅 I don’t know I can’t find anything to make me wanna study other things to make money.

A personal quote that keeps me motivated

I’m never gonna stop the rain by complaining

Which is from a song called “Raindrops keep falling on my head“. I first heard it on Spiderman 2 – The one with Tobey Maguire.

Social Media

Well you know my instagram is @untalchingon where I post longboard dancing & freestyle vids, and every once in a while some funny shit with my fails longboarding haha
I also have a YouTube channel —> untalchingon

I’ve written a lot haha sorry I got inspired. xd

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