Review Submission Guidelines

What we’re looking for

Be a Gear Guide and help the community make informed decisions when choosing the right deck, hardware or safety gear.

Or if you want to share your findings of services from your local shops or online stores you frequent then this is also the place to be.

If you have a skate spot or skate route you want to share with the community let us know.

Let us know which item you would like to review when you send us a message.


Decks or Shapes – if you can’t hold yourself from telling anyone who would listen how awesome your deck or shape is then please let us know.

Trucks – tell us what an amazing truck should be.

Wheels – buttery or icy.

Bearings – do they spin to infinity.

Griptape · Hardware or Addons – if you recently enjoyed or was disappointed by any item you have tried, tell us why.

Safety gear

Helmets – do they fit you well but most importantly will they be able to protect you.

Pads – elbows, shoulders, knees.


Your local shop – how was the staff? Do they have all the items you want? Are their prices reasonable?

An online shop – was it easy to navigate? Was the support staff, er supportive?

Skate spots or skate routes

Also if you had a bad experience with any of the items mentioned here we would also like to hear from you.

Send us a message and we will get back to you. We usually email the questionnaires to you to serve as a guide.