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Champagne, France

I am riding for 2 years now. Well, when I was younger (6-8 yo) I used to do Street Skate camp and then got into surfing.

I started riding again in 2015 after coming back from my 4 months in Peru. I was alone in my little town and had nothing to do because I had 6 months to wait until I return to normal school program. So, I took my Street Skate and ride like… 3 months and bought my first cruiser in June 2015. It was a Madrid Longboard.

All I wanted was to feel the sensation of surfing. But then I saw videos of people dancing on these boards, and it kinda attracted me to do the same.

What’s your favorite trick or thing to do on a board and why?

I don’t have a lot of big tricks for the moment, but my favorite one maybe is the simple no comply. It’s one of the first tricks I learned.

I like because you work so hard to have it, that when you have you can’t get rid of it. But beside tricks, I love to use my board as a table to eat on midday hahaha.

No Comply
No Comply
How did longboarding change you as a person?

This is pretty hard to explain. Actually, longboard changed my entire life. First of all, it has changed my way of life and of thinking. I see life more intense and important. Longboard scene is a big thing on the social network. So, thanks to that you can see how that sport unite so many people. I am pretty less shy than what I was before, I love to share more with people, learn but also teach.

This year I had the chance to be part of, So You Can Longboard Dance contest, and trust me World is big but Small. In that kind of event you can meet so many people from the ENTIRE world. You just talk to everybody and feel yourself, because all of em’ share the same passion as you.

Longboard can be seen as a simple skateboard but it’s so much more. It’s all about a big family.

So You Can Longboard Dance 2018
So You Can Longboard Dance 2018
SYCLD 2018
SYCLD 2018

The first time I have been to the Docksession in Paris, I was so scared of being a beginner and ridiculous in front of all these riders. But as it’s well known, Docksession welcomes every riding levels. I had to exceed my fear of being with people I don’t know (or I knew but from Instagram). Plus, I am now part of the S*pinSkate Magazine, so I can help the editor and I’m having fun defending women values in that sport. Thanks to longboard I feel more me, and I accepted all my faults.

About being sponsored

I was sponsored by Eternity Longboards which is a Poland brand. Last month I decided to quit the brand to ride a Crown Board. I am no longer sponsored. I feel like being sponsored is more an image, an award to our personal work and progress we do in longboard. Not just about having free things and more follower. Not at all. To me, our sport is a big community, we all have the same god : longboard.

What are the benefits or perks of being sponsored?

Being sponsored allows you to share your opinion about the material to a shaper and having a real relation with them. It’s also nice because you can be part of an international family. We call us sister and brother.

Do you have an everyday board, the board that you always ride with?

My actual board is a 116cm Eternity Longboard. I love my graphic. It was drawn by my childhood friend Zoe Durand. I wanted her skills on my board 😀

Eternity Longboard - Graphics by Zoe Durand
Eternity Longboard – Graphics by Zoe Durand
Eternity Longboard Brothers & Sisters
What’s your favorite nourishment after a session?

After a big session, I use to eat an apple and drink a looooootttt of water. Even if it’s cold outside. Fruit gives me power and natural sugar. I really love to have fruit with me during and after a session.

Do you have someone in longboarding or skateboarding you look up to?

Funny as it seems, I have a lot of riders that inspires me, I always said I can’t pick. The very first one is Aboubakry Seck. I love his fluidity and his movements. He can mix beautiful dance with incredible tricks.

I also love Hans Wouters, maybe as many of us, I started to learn tricks and dancing with his YouTube videos. He can explain you anything and be incredibly patient. Plus, he is more than ever talented.

As girls, I love Natalie Pluto, it’s also thanks to her that I learned tricks on her YouTube channel. I guess she is more into freestyle, and it actually pretty works.

Then the couple Laurent Perigaut and Alex Kubiak Ho Chi, these 2 are incredibly perfect and damn crazy, they can do any discipline!

How did this person affect the way you longboard?

These persons affect my way I longboard because they inspire me a lot. I can refer me to them in any circumstances thanks to their differences. Their way to ride, to be, to act, to explain, to listen, to have fun… If I need inspiration I watch their videos, and I am full of new ideas.

If given a chance to meet this person what would you ask them, what would you want to talk about?

The only person of the list I haven’t met is Natalie Pluto. If one day I had the chance to meet her, I’ll ask her what’s her favorite tricks and to teach it to me. But also, maybe to be in one of her videos haha. I would also love to talk about movie making and videos with her. She and Hans are brightly talented in videos.

Describe briefly what do you do outside longboarding?

I am now graduated of BTS Tourism and next year I’ll start a one-year program of TV / Movie Making studies. But until August, I am a receptionist in 4 stars hotel in a little Medieval town. I also practice Muay Thai, I started at the same time as longboard. Both really complement to each other. Thanks to both sport I now understand my body, more about wisdom and passion. Beside all, I am comedian and do drama for amateur plays.

Muay Thai
Drama Theater
Drama Theater
What are your struggles right now?

I guess that, my biggest struggle at the moment, is to believe in me and in my projects for the future. I used to ask myself too many questions, which makes me anxious.

In longboard, my struggles are to show how girls can be strong and skilled in a boyish field. Some people would say “Don’t say longboard is a boyish field…”. But our society makes it be a boyish sport. Longboard Dancing Freestyle, or downhill, or street, or carving or any board sport are for everyone, from 1yo to the infinite, girls and boys.

One piece of advice

Always keep your head up and never look down. The only secret to success is practicing, the only secret for pleasure and happiness is having fun. Never compare yourself to anyone but always ask advice and tips, not just in longboard but also in general.

A personal quote that keeps you motivated

Keep trying until you see a glimmer of hope – Gran’Pa

Suggested Music, brief description why.

Alright, I listen to so many musical genres. While riding I like to listen to smooth, calm, folk, indie music when I learn dancing; but electro, US rap, rock, swing jazz when I learn tricks. My favorite playlist of the moment is “Summer Indie” on Spotify. But you can also have access to my S*pin Playlist on Spotify using “S*pin” username.

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  • My Instagram: @Ophelsk8
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  • Clothes ambassador brand : https://www.facebook.com/saltclothingcompany/
  • Favorite place to hangout (with no doubt) : https://www.facebook.com/docksession/
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