Nikita Plotnikov

Dancing · Freestyle

St. Petersburg, Russia

I’ve been riding for 6 years.

My friend introduced me to longboarding. I became a fan of the sport and started progressing towards the discipline of freestyle and dancing.

My favorite tricks

Pirouette 1080, pressure slash (4 flips) and demon claw 540 body varial flip.

On being sponsored

I recently started working with DropWave. They are from St. Petersburg. On their models I’m not skating yet, my pro-model is still in development with them.

The path to sponsorship is long, for 6 years I participated in many contests and won prizes, in 2016 I took 1st place in the Russian championship on longboard freestyle. Only this year worked with DropWave.

Sponsorship is work, the rider works to promote the brand in the world, and the sponsor helps you in your favorite business.

Favorite deck

At this stage it is a board from Pepper Boards “Inari“. Have not done my pro model yet.

Any special setup?

Nothing special, Paris Trucks two soft barrels and wheels 70mm

Personal quote

Why? Because I can!

Do you have someone in the longboarding scene you look up to?

Do Yong Gwon, Brenno Brelvis, Aboubakry Seck. But I always tried not to be like everyone else, I do everything on my own example.

To us in Moscow came Do Yong Gwon, we talked with him, he gave me a couple of tips. Played with him and Timur Totoev and Kate Voynova in “Game of Skate”. It was a good game. With the rest I’ll see on “SYCLD“.

What is your struggle right now?

Now I work a lot on flow and style.

One piece of advice

Train until your legs give up.

Do you celebrate go skateboarding day?

Yes, note, chilli’n on the spot and drink.

Tunes you like

Music can not be advised, I always listen to different things, but my music changes my style of riding.

Forgive my English, I used a google translator :))
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