Nagi Nagizade



Hi, I was born in Azerbaijan in 1996, but the whole my life i live in Russia. Since childhood I was attracted to skate and snowboarding.

I had my first skateboard at 12 years old. I was skating for one season and then I had to forget about it because of the lack of money. In 2014 I have bought a skateboard again just for moving through the city.

In 2015 I have switched to a cruiser, and then friend introduced me to a longboard community. I have bought a longboard deck in 2016. That was very inspiring for me to watch how pro guys are surfing streets and making impressive tricks, so I get a burning desire to make my skill the same. Since that time, my longboard journey has begun.

We became friend with guys and they taught me a lot. Community had a big part in my progress. During next seasons I won some prizes at local contests. Then I visited SYCLD in 2018 for the first time. I won a local Paris Trucks contest there. Now I’m into skate freestyle, I like that. My current sponsor is Pepper Boards Co.


My skate complete: Paris Trucks, Hawkz Wheels, Pepper Boards deck.

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