Mervyn Swervin’ Victoria

Freestyle · Dance

Seattle, Washington. United States

I grew up with a single mother who worked about 65 hours a week. I had to raise myself without much family income, and really did not have very many friends at all.

Without a parent to drive me around, friends to kick a ball with, or a lot of resources to work with, I was actually really sad and lonely growing up.

Photo by Robert McCarty @robrmccarty

One day, I was walking around my neighborhood and saw a kid riding a longboard. He wasn’t particularly good or anything, but I saw how fast he was getting from end to end, and how he didn’t need a team to accomplish this – he skated for himself.

Photo by Dylan Pierce @nwordie

I saved up $50 over the next couple of months, and got my first longboard when I was 13 years old, and it was love and freedom ever since.

On being sponsored

Currently with Motion Boardshop, DB Longboards, and Cloudride Wheels. It just happened. Its important to make sure that sponsors are not your main motivation for skating. Because if it is, the moment you get sponsored you will be very disappointed.

Photo by Dylan Pierce @nwordie
Photo by Dylan Pierce @nwordie

Free boards are great and all, but when your love for something comes down to being recognized, continuing to progress becomes incredibly difficult.

DB Longboards has been fantastic at making sure I have a plethora of prizes to give away at events, and have always been about the local community love. The biggest perk in my opinion is having a community of skaters, board creators, and film makers to talk to and work with.

Favorite deck

The DB Dancefloor 43 is my everyday board.

Special setup

DB Dancefloor 43

Paris V2 180mm, 85a Hardcore bushings top and bottom

Cloudride Mini slides

After almost 2 years of dancing/freestyle my set up has been perfectly dialed for my riding and weight.

Source of nourishment after a session

Oatmeal with chia seeds, blue berries and honey.

Do you have someone in the longboarding scene you look up to? If given a chance to meet this person/s what would you ask them, what would you want to talk about?

Lotfi Lamaali, Ethan Cochard, Duoduo, Hans Wouters, Adam Colton, Abou, Kate Voynova, Timur Totoev, Andrei Chukarov… the list goes on and on

I would throw a huge dinner party for all of them, and invite all the long boarders out for a chili party. You would be invited too!

What are your struggles right now?

Balancing my work life with skate life. I work a full time job at a software company which is quite time consuming.

Some days I wish I was 18 again…

One piece of advice

Money is infinite, time is finite.

A personal quote that keeps you motivated

We over estimate what we can do in one day, but underestimate what we can accomplish in a month Mervyn Swervin’ Victoria

Tunes you like. Why?

Electronic dance music is my favorite. It gives me a certain energy while I am skating.

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