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Born in Brazil

Born in Brazil, moved to Greece when I was 19. I used to skateboard when I was 15 but didn’t last very long , later in 2016 ( when I was 29) I started just cruising around with a downhill board, without knowing it was a downhill board but it felt comfortable cruising around.

One day I saw this guy doing some strange moves that had this unique flow, it made me curious about it so I made some research online and found some videos from Simple Longboards and started trying it on my own.

How did longboarding change you as a person?

When I started to practice I felt more connected to myself and the more I progressed the more I felt this connection, body and mind as one and how much it affect me. A big change in the mind set that lead me to start making the mini longboards as a way to understand the different shapes which once I started sharing pictures of them, made me connect with the longboard community that I met many people that inspired me. It opened a whole new world for me.

Do you have an everyday board, the board that you always ride with?

Majutsu Buto Odori 125cm

Describe your setup, what do you like about it?

Gullwing Charger 50 with Orangatang Purple bushings with RAD feather 82a wheels. My trucks setup is very unusual for most, very loose trucks with double barrel medium bushings, but it’s what gives the right flow for steps for myself.

What’s your favorite trick or thing to do on a board and why?

I can’t say I have a favorite trick, I love learning new tricks but I also love doing the tricks and dancing steps I already know, be them easy or hard I find that if they are done with the right flow you should get a sense of joy.

Describe briefly what do you do outside longboarding?

I work as a freelance woodworker and spent some time working on my own woodwork projects and when the weather is right I go for mountain bike riders in wild parks.

How did you get started with the mini longboard projects?

I started making them to understand the shape of other boards I didn’t have access to, I started making more to give to my friends that were riding longboards. After I made the mini longboards for the 2017 So You Can Longboard Dance its when i started dedicating more of my time to improve the quality of the mini boards I was crafting .

Can you tell us about your creative process?

I can’t say I have a creative process, I just often like challenging myself by making different graphics and board shapes in order to improve my own skills.

Stages of craft
What do you consider your most important tool when making mini boards?

None, I have different ways of crafting the mini boards and often I change between them, be them manual tools or machines, it’s all about what I’m working on (wood type) and the board shape.

Top 3 tips to anyone who is interested in starting a longboard niche business like yours?

First thing would be to become interested in the board shape and its technical aspects, second would be to learn with your mistakes, they will happen and practice makes them less and less likely until you perfected a method of working and third respect the brands and the work they do.

Do you have a favorite mini board project or are they all special?

They are all special to me, I craft them in hope that it will make someone happy, even if it’s just a little thing like the mini board or a mini board necklace I put a lot of care when working on all of them.

Of all the regular sized boards that serves as your inspiration for your mini boards is there anyone that stands out?

There are many brands that inspired me with their work but I will say that Majutsu, Timber, Crownboards, Simple, Dasilva, Bastl, Haven are the ones that did more in a personal level because I met in person or chatted on social media with the owners so often and they all inspired me by showing true love and care for their work.

What would people be surprised to know about you?

I served 8 months in the Greek army without speaking Greek.

What are your struggles right now?

Learning the value of my work.

One piece of advice

Work to improve yourself and not to impress others.

A personal quote that keeps you motivated

Working hard doesn’t always work, but neither easy going, balance is everything.

Respect is earned not taken.

Suggested Music

Arcade Fire – After Life / Deftones – Minerva / P.O.D. – Eternal / Pink Floyd – Time
I could mention more but those songs belong to the few that, whenever they play my mind enters in a state that I can’t describe.

Social Media

Instagram: @manolimarkakis
Facebook: Manoli Markakis

Do you have a website?

Still working on it, for now i only got a shop on Esty which is: WoodbarByMarkakis

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