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Our fellow rider and miniature longboard shaper extraordinaire Manoli Markakis has a lot of love for his Buto Odori by Majutsu Longboards. Find out what makes the Buto Odori worthy of your longboard collection (quiver).

Buto Odori

Made by Majutsu Longboard from Paris, France


Combination of bamboo, fiberglass, carbon fiber, epoxy and exotic wood veneer.

Buto Odori - Front

Length – 125cm
Width – 22.5cm
Wheelbase – 88cm
Shape – Symmetrical with flat concave and steep round kick tails

Buto Odori - Top
Kick Tails
Your first impressions?

Very impressed, from the first day I noticed the whole construction of the board allows an accurate footwork without getting in the way of dancing steps. Trying tricks on it for the first time was quite impressive because the board would pop very high even with its long size.

Majutsu Longboards - Buto Odori
How long have you been using it?

10 Months.

How often do you ride it? (What purpose, commuting, freestyling, freeriding, downhill etc).

On a daily basis, from commuting, cruising around the city and during longboard freestyle/dance practice.

Your personal setup suggestion for this board: (trucks, wheels, griptape, bushings)

Gullwing charger 50 trucks with orantagant bushings , RAD feather 82a 65mm wheels and SYS grip tape (dancer cut style). The trucks allow for a durable and carving mobility which suits the size of the board. The bushings allow to keep the trucks loose but with the right amount of control at the critical points.

The wheels are the right size to allow the trucks to be very loose, have a smooth ride and are light weight and durable Griptape SYS does a great job by having the right amount of grip for dancing steps and tricks and at the same time saving your shoes with very little wear.

What are the boards best qualities?

The board design allows for a accurate footwork and foot awareness, the flat concave allows for a accurate control of the carving, steep kicks allow for a high pop which helps a lot on a board this size and the whole board construction and mix of materials allow for a durable yet light weight longboard.

Buto Odori by Majutsu Longboards
Buto Odori by Majutsu Longboards
Majutsu - Buto Odori - Side Rails and Kicks
Majutsu – Buto Odori – Side Rails and Kicks
What can be improved?


Why should I include it in my quiver (collection or arsenal)?

If you are looking for a board that have plenty of room for dancing step variations that allows for a high pop on tricks and also have a durable construction, I would say it’s the right board for you.

Big Buto Odori and Mini Buto Odori
Buto Odori - Bottom

HUGE “Thank You” to Manoli Markakis for his in depth look at Majutsu Longboards – Buto Odori.

Look out for him on instagram @manolimarkakis or grab one of his mini longboard creations from his store at etsy.