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putting out the best possible rides, since 2000

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Loadedboards can be credited for catapulting longboarding into mainstream popularity. With over 60+ ambassadors loadedboards produces quality longboard content for all of us to enjoy.

Loaded, Inc. is more than just a manufacturing company, they are an institution of longboarding as we know it. Their quest for innovation makes them leaders in the industry.

Constantly finding ingenious ways to cut and press decks. They are one of the few builders who looks out for the planet by sourcing materials with low carbon footprint without sacrificing quality or the fun out of riding.

The team behind loaded’s success is composed of some to the worlds most creative riders and they are generously sharing the stoke to everyone, anywhere in the world.

We’ve experienced the soulful beauty of riding and want to pass on the stoke. To that end we are dedicated to putting out the best possible rides we can and we stand behind every board we build. loaded, inc

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Best Seller

The Tan Tien is popular because of it’s shape and size. Cutout shape, drop-thru truck mounts. Compact and light weight for everyday use.

by abooard

At the minimum we at abooard put ourselves in the position of the basic starter, the budget constrained, the “I want to bring my board everywhere“… – type of rider.

We are hand picking the Tesseract. Recently re-issued as Basalt Tesseract on the account of changing the construction from fiber glass to basalt fiber. A little heavier and more expensive than the Tan Tien. The value we are aiming for is the Tesseract’s versatility.

Some people would prefer the cut out design of the Tan Tien, but wheel bite free has it’s own draw backs if you like chillin your feet on the nose and tail, it’s called shoe bite. It’s when your foot touches the wheels when you’re riding… it’s not a good feeling.

The Tesseract has wheel wells that also helps avoid wheelbites even with bigger wheels. Plenty of room to bust a move, you can count on the Tesseract to tune in your steeze on flats, hills or just going from A – B.

Loaded Inc’s lineup now consists of 14 boards (+1 Snowboard). If you are seriously looking for your first board or need a quiver update that makes the most bang for your buck, find them in your local stores or go online.

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