Laercio Alves

Dancing · Freestyle

São Paulo, Brazil

I’m 5 years on Longboard.

I started riding for leisure and I liked it.

Favorite trick

No comply bigger spin and big flip.

On being sponsored

Timber Boards sponsored after a friend told them about me. I get free decks and they help a lot when we need cameras for filming content and so on. I get 2 decks every 3 months.

Special setup

Shape Flamingo by Timber Boards, Blacktop Trucks, Orangatang Bushings to dance and Sharkwheel wheels.

Favorite deck

I use the Flamingo Shape and Tortuga. Because they are great Shapes I feel more comfortable to skate.

Source of nourishment after a session

Rice, beans and a salad and an orange juice.

Do you have someone in the longboarding scene that inspires you? If given a chance to meet this person/s what would you ask them, what would you want to talk about?

Yes, Alan Deilon, I already know him, my best friend and idol in longboarding. Also Eduardo Campos and Hans Wouters.

What are your struggles right now?

To get more sponsorship

Do you celebrate skateboard day? Why or why not?

Yes, of course I’m skateboarding in the vein.

Tunes you like. Why?

Leaves me calm.

  • Laercio Alves
  • Dancing · Freestyle
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  • São Paulo, Brazil