Kimberly Lorena Gomes Garcia

Dancing · Freestyle

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

I was skateboarding before I started longboarding in 2013 after my brother introduced it to me.

Your favorite trick?

My favorite trick is flip oldschool

How did longboarding change you as a person?

It showed me that with effort, we get what we want. Determination!

Do you currently have a sponsor? How did that happen?

Yes! Paris Trucks, Uponboard and My Rag. After I won the Brazilian league of Longboard Dance Freestyle

What are the benefits or perks of being sponsored?

Visibility, travel and no more spending on the purchase of materials.

Do you have an everyday board, the board that you always ride with?

Yes! A board by Aphorism Longboard.

Describe your setup, what do you like about it?

I like my truck and the stickers on my board

Do you have friends you skate with regularly?

I’m part of a group of skateboarding friends.

Who inspires you (longboarder or skateboarder) that makes you want to push your progression! Why?

Eduardo Campos, Abou and Ryan Ricker. Their talent and determination, simplicity.

How did this person affect the way you longboard?

They helped me in my trainings and taught me to see the Longboarding more than a hobby.

Describe briefly what do you do outside longboarding?

I work and I go to college.

What would people be surprised to know about you?

I have had the opportunity to be a professional soccer player.

What are your struggles right now?

I graduate in college, go to the So You Can Longboard Dance and live the sport.

What are you most passionate about?

Love is love, and the longboard overflows.

One piece of advice when struggling to land a trick

Practice and practice! Focus on one trick at a time.

A personal quote that keeps you motivated

“Life is worth living”

Suggested Music

The Black Keys: lonely boy.
Animated music, encourages you to train.

  • Kimberly Lorena Gomes Garcia
  • Dancing · Freestyle
  • Mongo
  • Rio de Janeiro, Brazil