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Josh Turner

Freestyle · Tech Freeride · Street

Columbus, Ohio

The whole skate world just calls me Jibby, or Jibbyskate, so whichever you prefer! It all depends on what you call me when you meet me.

I’ve been riding for about 7 years, and I got into it on a rather abrupt note. My dad came home one day and told me that I was going to get a longboard, which I was pretty sure was to get me away from my excessive minecraft addiction.

Within the first 10 minutes of riding up and down my newly paved street, immediately loved it. There was also the idea that I thought girls would love it, so my first 2 years were literally dedicated to trying to impress girls. Didn’t quite work out that way, but I’m happy to be where I am right now!

My style revolves around freestyle, tech freeride as well as street skating on a longboard. I will skate pretty much anything except transition… Way too terrifying for me!

Toe Side Slide

I ride hills (freeride and techfreeride) in goofy, but I do all of my flip tricks (skateboarding) in regular. A bit confusing to understand, but I just roll with it.

What’s your favorite trick or thing to do on a board and why?

I do a lot…. Most likely far too many treflips/ 360 flips. Treflips are my most consistent trick, and I just love the way they feel when you throw one going pretty fast. If for some reason I find myself in the position to try to impress someone nearby, I’m going to do a 3 flip! Cant risk that public embarrassment haha.

How did longboarding change you as a person?

I started going outside, and I slowly lost my ability to love television and videogames. Don’t get me wrong I love a good movie, but if the weather is perfect outside a session MUST happen! When I was younger I actually skipped a few of my friends birthday parties to go skate a small hill that was 2 miles from my house (sorry AJ and Joey if you are reading this).

Do you currently have a sponsor? How did that happen?

I Currently ride for Original Skateboards, and I am flow for Orangatang Wheels and Bear Trucks.

Original happened through bothering the customer service hotline at least once a week until I finally got my first board, a Diamond Drop Apex 40! I got that board after releasing my second YouTube video Longboarding: Waves, and I was getting flow for about 4 years after that fact.

During my junior year of high school, I was waiting for my cross country practice to start by munching on a bag of tootsie rolls while lounging in the trunk/ tailgate of my car when I got an email from Original telling me that I had been bumped up to the AM team. I had not been so stoked in my life up to that point, really felt like a dream come true!

My connections with Bear and Orangatang aren’t as strong, but they were achieved through the help of some friends that I still talk to today. Thank you Perry Finley for the help with Otang, and Thank you Will Stephan for putting my in contact with Bear!

What are the benefits or perks of being sponsored?

The gear is a huge plus. I really don’t ask for much in my boxes, but I really appreciate being able to do what I love for no cost! Sometimes I find myself in a role model position when I have both younger and older people message me about how they’re stoked on my content, and how they’d want to skate like me one day.

All I have to say about the talent aspect is that it just takes practice. Similar to that line in Ratatoullie, “Anyone can cook”, I really believe that anyone can skate as well. Just takes work!

Do you have an everyday board, the board that you always ride with?

Apex 40 Diamond Drop or the Arbiter 36 DK. If I had to pick one of them, Diamond Drop all the way!

Describe your setup, what do you like about it?
  • Apex 40 Diamond Drop
  • Bear 845s
  • Orangatang Fatfrees/ Radius cruiser wheels
  • Cell bearings.

Honestly think this is the most dialed everything setup I’ve had the pleasure of riding. Its great because I’ve taken this board to slidejams, skateparks, gaps, manual pads, flatland freestyle, you name it!

It was the first board I received from original when I was 13, and I am still riding it to this day as a 19 year old. 10/10 would recommend that if you’re not sure what you want to get into as far as riding style, save up for that apex! (Noseguards with the board also heavily improve the freestyle quality and longevity of board life, so you will get every last penny out of your purchase!)

Do you have friends you skate with regularly?

I really just skate with whoever is down to! Growing up my really good friends were Rob Green, Benton Bair, Alex Haase, Deming Haines, Kyle Blazek, Weston Tzangas, John Michael, Johnny Volker, and Chase Hart. I still skate with a lot of them to this day!

Who inspires you (longboarder or skateboarder) that makes you want to push your progression! Why?

I really miss seeing Hutton Richardson footage, he tore up the freestyle game so hard! Otherwise, love watching Griffin Gravel, as well as the old Freshly Paved videos! Freshly paved was a widespread recognized group of longboarders in my area, and they really inspired me to chase the idea of sponsorship! (For those who don’t know, Freshly paved included riders like Mike Virgin, Daniel Hopwood, and Perry Finley).

Overall, I really have to owe it all to Deming Haines, as he showed me my first Original Board. It was a Classic Carbon Apex 37 with s8 trucks as well as 75a flashbacks, I remember it like it was yesterday!

He did so much with pushing my progression, because I was always so jealous of his style and what he could do on a board. Again, Thank you Deming!

How did this person affect the way you longboard?

Deming had a technical style, so that just shaped me into a technical guy!

Describe briefly what do you do outside longboarding?

I am a first year student at tOSU, and I am currently studying neuroscience. One day I may go to dental school to pursue a career as a general dentist. Only time will tell, but I am putting in all of the energy I can to make this dream become a reality!

Upside Down at tOSU
Love Dogs
What would people be surprised to know about you?

I may come off as pretty reserved in crowds, but if you get me alone I have a very hard time shutting up, I’m quite the chatter box! That’s actually where the name “Jibby” came from, as in “jibber jabbering” (talking too much).

Jibby started as a family name, but I started to really rock it in 5th grade. I had a little rap routine to go along with it, which was humiliating, but at the time I thought I was a Wiz Khalifa. Ever since then, I’ve been introduced to people as Jibby in the skate world, as well as on some occasions during school.

What are you most passionate about?

Skateboarding! Aside from the board, I really love to draw, color, and just make products that are my own intellectual property. At the moment I’m working on a little T shirt operation, so stay tuned on that one!

People may also be surprised that I’m a bit of a nerd in school, and I really get devoted to what I’m studying, only thing that feels better than learning a new trick is challenging myself to learn something new!

One piece of advice when struggling to land a trick

If you’re getting pissed, just walk away. Its really not worth the fuss to yell and throw your board in a public place. I have had a public meltdown only once in my life, where I wound up throwing my helmet on the ground so hard that I shattered it. Literally the second after that I felt like a scumbag, and I apologized to the people around me for the disturbance.

The trick will come one day, just be sure you don’t lose track of the goal of skating, have fun with it!

Quotes that keeps you motivated

Even the people who tear you down guide you to where you need to be John Hill: TOTW thank you section

Be so good they can’t ignore you — Steve Martin

Suggested Music

I’ve been really into indie rock and alternative lately, which I didn’t know had a title up until this year. I always just called it skate music, but the fact that I know the genre has really helped me find some great songs! Some of my favorite bands right now are COIN, Bad Suns, PAPA, as well as Catfish and the Bottlemen. I had someone introduce their bands with me this year, and I have never been happier to put on my headphones! Can’t really explain why, you just have to check them out for yourself!

Favorite songs: COIN (Heart Eyes, Atlas, I want it all) Bad Suns (Disappear Here, Daft Pretty Boys) Catfish (Cocoon, Kathleen, Soundcheck)

Social Media

Jibbyskate on YouTube and Instagram! I’ve been trying to pickup YouTube more so now, but it’s pretty tough with the lack of people that know I exist on that platform.

If you want to check out my full parts, head over to “Jibbyskate” on YouTube! Its always cool to see how I’ve progressed each year ever since fall of 2012. Pushing that content is always a struggle, but I am very active on Instagram.

Instagram Screenshot
Do you have a website?

Not yet,

T shirts coming soon!

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