Jeffrey Oldenkamp

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Winschoten, Netherlands

I’m from a small city called Winschoten in the norths on the Netherlands!

I started somewhere in the first half of 2015, probably around April or May. There was this guy always hanging out in the skatepark on a longboard, doing kickflips and nocomply 180’s, which I thought looked super rad on a longboard. Later I found out there was this thing called longboard freestyle and certain boards were actually meant for tricks.

What’s your favorite trick or thing to do on a board and why?

This is a pretty difficult question, because it really changes every week or so. Lately I’ve been enjoying oldschool inward heelflips a lot. I’ve also been practising the no-comply 180 into fakie no-comply biggerspin, which feels super satifying to land as well!

How did longboarding change you as a person?

Being honest, as a smaller kid I used to get everything I wanted, my parents would do and buy me anything. When I got my first cheapo board, my parents paid over half of the price if I can remember it correctly.

When that board was done, I had to pay for my next board myself, but as a 13 year old, 180€ for a complete was crazy expensive, so I got a job as a paperboy just so I could afford that one board which I learned most of my basic tricks on like shuvits and no-complys. Of course with skating and practicing new things you’re gonna fall a lot, but when you land the trick it’s all worth it.

No Comply Fingerflip
No Comply Fingerflip

Skating taught me not to give up. Try new ways of succeeding instead of reasons not to succeed!

Thoughts about being sponsored

I had never thought about the possibility of getting sponsored before my current board sponsor, Timberboards, hit me up just over a year ago with the question if I wanted to ride for them after meeting me and seeing me skate on a skate event. This of course felt insane due to the fact that I had only been skating for a short 2 years, and as I said earlier, I had never thought about there being a possibility of getting sponsored.

Oldskool Inward Heel
Oldskool Inward Heel
No Comply Big Heel
No Comply Big Heel

I skated because I loved it and I’m passionate about it! Later on, I believe it was in February this year, one of the guys over at Timberboards got me and a buddy of mine contacted with Bodhi, the owner of Slide Perfect (SP) wheels, which I’ve been proudly representing as well since that moment!

What are the benefits or perks of being sponsored?

I think it speaks for itself, being sponsored means you get free stuff, you don’t have to buy it yourself and you can save up the money you’d normally have to spend on expensive setups. It’s also dope for your friends when you get some new wheels for instance, so you can give them your old wheels that are still skateable!

On the other hand, there’s this pressure, people expect you to skate good all the time, to be very consistent and maybe post regularly. You have to earn the fact that you’re being sponsored, and that’s what most non-sponsored people tend to forget.

The everyday board

My main board is the Timberboards Tortuga; a 115cm long freestyle · dance board with enough space for your smooth dance steps while also having some relatively high but controllable kick-tails for your freestyle trickery! Timberboards has this small extra layer of bamboo on the tails of most of their boards to make it last a little longer and pop a little higher!

This combined with your average 180mm 50 degree (cast) truck and some sweet lightweight Slide Perfect Revolutions 83a makes for a perfect freestyle/dance setup!


There’s a few people actually; first off, there’s Aboubakry Seck, a well known french longboarder with, in my opinion, the smoothest style out there.

Then we have Marijn Floris Smit, a dutch longboarder and friend of mine, who I look up to because of his creative ways of putting tricks and steps together into one smooth and consistent line or combo.

And last but not least there’s Axel Serrat, a skate/longboarder from Barcelona who just has one of the most all-round skate styles; from doing some grinds in the park to cruising the streets and even bombing some gnarly hills, doing all of this with the biggest smile, he surely is one of my favorite skaters as well!

How did this person affect the way you longboard?

Abou affected the way I look at tricks and dancing in general; it’s not just about the trick or the dance step, it’s also about how you make it look and doing it your way! Marijn always inspires me to keep the creativity high and constantly come up with new tricks and new variations. And Axel really shows that it’s all just about having fun man, skate however you want do skate and do it with the biggest smile!

If given a chance to meet this person what would you ask them, what would you want to talk about?

I’ve been lucky enough to have met both Abou and Marijn already, who are the nicest dudes btw! With Axel I’d love to talk about all of his skate trips, it seems like he’s been everywhere and anywhere!

When not on a longboard

Since I’m only 16 years old, I ofcourse still go to school and I also have a job in the local supermarket (Lidl represented!). Aside from that, just having out with friends is always fun, I’m not too much of sit-home-and-do-nothing kinda guy, so if non of the above is occuring, I’m probably walking my dog or talking a walk in the woods nearby.

What are your struggles right now?

This is probably what every 16 year old would say, but I think money is my biggest issue.

One piece of advice

Whatever it is that you do, you do it for fun and don’t overthink things too much, if it feels good in the moment, there wont be too much of a regret afterwards.

A personal quote that keeps you motivated

Don’t really know, does ‘a good laugh a day keeps the doctor away’ sound like a good one?

Suggested Music

I love everything with a saxophone. Also, Michael Jackson is the man!

Social Media (where you mostly hangout)

I’m mostly active on instagram, you can find me at @jeff.o_ ! Oh, and also go give @timberboards and @slideperfect a follow if you’re at it!

No Comply Fingerflip
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