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Jan Hölting

Freestyle · Dancing

Darmstadt, Germany

I am from Darmstadt, which lies kind of in the southern center of Germany. In my area longboarding is pretty much dead, but I’m still out there spreading the stoke. I got my first longboard when I was 15 years old. It was a Loaded Dervish and I didn’t know that Longboard-dancing / freestyle is a thing back then.

5 years ago I kind of started to learn tricks, but for the first few years I thought dancing looks stupid and only tried to learn skate tricks.

Since I’m fairly bad at skateboarding that didn’t work out well. The hype caught me at Mannheim Longboard Open 2017 where I saw a few French and Belgian Pros Dancing / Freestyling on a completely different level.

What’s your favorite trick or thing to do on a board and why?

My most favorite trick is a “fakie bigspin to crossfoot” because it combines the aspect of doing a skateboard trick and “dancing” in one of the most beautiful ways.

How did longboarding change you as a person?

I struggle with my everyday-life as much as my past and future. But when I’m on my board, life is bright. Longboarding keeps me free.

Back in Summer I volunteered for a Random photoshoot with the Ministry of Culture for Urban-Mobility - advertisement
Back in Summer I volunteered for a Random photoshoot with the Ministry of Culture for Urban-Mobility – advertisement
Do you currently have a sponsor?

Unfortunately I don’t have any sponsors at the moment. But maybe I’m lucky at “So you can Longboard Dance” (2019).

Catching the board in mid air
What are the benefits or perks of being sponsored?

You don’t have to worry about your gear and can shred as hard as you want to get that trick you are trying to learn.

Also I think being part of a team with awesome skaters pushes you and can be inspiring. I would love to be on a team with very good riders to improve my skating in many ways.

Do you have an everyday board, the board that you always ride with?

I only have 1 setup at a time, which I skate until it breaks.

Describe your setup, what do you like about it?

I am currently skating a Quin 44 with Bolzentrucks and Remember “lil Hoots” 78a. I am really happy about the Quinboard, because 2 years ago I broke my board at Mannheim Longboard Open and couldn’t afford a new one.

Even though I wasn’t that good back then the owner of Quinboards gave me a board to keep on skating. By skating a Quinboards now I kind of feel like paying of for that by advertising. Thanks again man, you saved my ass haha !

Do you have a crew you skate with regularly?

Since longboading is quite dead in my area I have to travel if I want to skate with other people. And I am still looking forward to get to know people from places I haven’t been to yet. For Example Asia or Paris.

Recently I became part of a skatecrew called “the Klok” with some dutch friends of mine.

Who inspires you (longboarder or skateboarder) that makes you want to push your progression! Why?

I really like the style of Bum Seoke and Lusy (dont know his last name) from travelol. They skate so clean and carvy. I love it. Also Achel Machin‘s effortless, stylish moves broke my antipathy about Dancing in general.

How did this person affect the way you longboard?

By watching him dance I became confident enough to Longboard dance in public without the fear of people finding it stupid or making fun of it.

Describe briefly what do you do outside longboarding?

I am studying Sociology at my local university. I work at a Bouldering Gym, so whenever the weather sucks I’m climbing.

What would people be surprised to know about you?

I am a huge nerd playing Dungeons & Dragons and Animes are my greatest weakness.

What are your struggles right now?

Paying all the skate stuff I break (Honestly longboarding can be so expensive), shitty winter weather and always having to skate without other longboarders…

What are you most passionate about?

Longboarding obviously, never quit!

One piece of advice when struggling to land a trick

I always try to learn 2 tricks at a time. That way I can switch to the other one when I get too frustrated.

A personal quote that keeps you motivated

Nobody exists on purpose, nobody belongs anywhere, everyone’s gonna die. Come watch TV (go skate) – Rick and Morty

Jan Holting - On a Break
Suggested Music

Nothing beats rolling in to Stevie WonderSuperstition“, also I highly recommend Witchcraft and Blues Pills.

Social Media

Instagram: @skate_nanigans
YouTube Channel: The Klok Skatecrew

How to catch a longboard in the wild
How to catch a longboard in the wild
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