Hugo Sanceo

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5-6 years ago I started with a plastic cruiser, I loved the feeling and the ease to move. 1 year later I bought my first second hand longboard (Pushing board) and I continued to have the same pleasure when I rode. So I buy a new one and since 2-3 years I really started to skate and dance on the board 😉

What’s your favorite trick or thing to do on a board and why?

I think it’s the aeroflip or NC Treflip

Do you currently have a sponsor?

Yup, Eternity Longboards!

Your everyday board, the board that you always ride

Yes, I really have only 1 dancer board of Eternity Longboards 120cm, I ride always with!

Describe your setup

Dancer deck from eternity, Paris Trucks macaron and Remember Collective lil hoots 65mm.

Do you have friends you skate with regularly?

Yes , we skate in Marseille each week , we have a Facebook group (longboard marseille)

What you do outside longboarding

I’m doing a bachelor degree in energy in Marseille.

A personal quote

The best skater out there is the one having the most fun!

Suggested Music, brief description why

Chill music , this kind of music relaxes me after a day of work ! 😉

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