Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know but don’t know how to ask. We have compiled a few and will continue to update this page as we grow together.

Why does abooard have a few missing pages?

abooard is technically still under construction despite being online for almost a year. abooard was soft launched in May of 2018 and officially launched on 22 of June “Go Skateboarding Day” 2018.

How big is the team behind abooard?

The website is just me, idea, design and code is all me. But most of the contents comes from you, the community.

Do you need help?

I do! Please let me know how you can help. I’m open to suggestions.

Is abooard making money?

Currently abooard is not making any income. But it does cost money to run a website so I’m thinking of a few ways to generate some form of income to keep the lights on. I will make an announcement when I know more.