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The Dancefloor, by DB Longboards as experienced by Mervyn Victoria.


Two piece vertically laminated bamboo core reinforced by both triaxial and biaxial fiber glass top and bottom. Extra durability and extra response


Symmetrical, with kick tails, single mounting option

Comes in two lengths

  • 43 inches · 109 cm
  • 47 inches · 119 cm

and in two flexes

  • Flex 1 · soft is most flexible and recommended for people 120-170 pounds
  • Flex 2 · stiff is medium flex board is recommended for people 160 pounds and up
First impressions

The first time I stepped on a Dancefloor I was thinking, wow, this is a really wide tail and a very wide board. It became a lot easier to do Peter pans with the extra space, and no-complies were much easier to do the moment I switched to this wide, spoon like tail.

How long have you been using it?

I’ve been on the Dancefloor for a little over a year, and have tried all flexes and lengths. They all have their benefits and flaws. I find the longer lengths are a lot better for dancing tricks, and overall stability in steps, but does lose a bit of mobility in freestyle tricks. The shorter lengths are a lot easier to flick and flip.

How often do you ride it? (What purpose, commuting, freestyling, freeriding, downhill etc)

For everything. I flew to Hong Kong for a trip early in 2018, and spent time in the mountains of Hong Kong downhilling and sliding, and also throughout West Kowloon doing freestyle and dancing (Shoutout to @SBDWLongboardshop in HK).

I spent a lot of time commuting place to place with the board as well. It worked great for everything, but was not the best for downhill considering the lack of concavity. Still – I only had to bring one board on this international trip and still had a great time doing it!

Best qualities

The tails are life changing

What can be improved?

The board is a big boy. The weight could definitely be improved. We’ve discussed using a foam core in newer models. One thing to consider is that if you make a board lighter, it becomes substantially less durable.

Photography || Rob McCarty
Why should I include it in my quiver (collection or arsenal)?

Its definitely a unique dancing · freestyle board.

Photography || Rob McCarty
Photography || Rob McCarty

A very special thanks goes to the talented and generous Rob McCarty for all the photos, if you need his services make sure to get in touch with him to find out more.

And of course one of abooard’s earliest adapter and huge-est supporter Mervyn Victoria for giving us some behind the scenes look at the DB Dancefloor.

Photography || Rob McCarty
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Photographer · Rob McCarty · https://www.instagram.com/robrmccarty/