DaSilva Board Co.

hand made by dirty hippies, since 2018

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In the growing world of longboard skateboard manufacturing only a handful of businesses can lay claim to the title “Soul Skaters”.

So far one of the few who have gotten close to it is the skater run DaSilva Boards Co.

The pursuit of happiness. That’s what it all comes down to. Sun on your face, wind through your hair, salt in the air. Smooth pavement, fresh powder or a glassy wave. We believe it’s that simple. Do what you love, and do it well. That’s what we do!DaSilva. Hand Crafted, quality boards.

They call themselves Dirty Hippies, they use the term family a lot. You can feel a zen like aura from their online presence. They promote living a simple life surrounded by friends and family that have a common love of enjoying life in each others company, nice tunes and skateboarding.

Crowd Favorites

Best Seller

It’s possible you have seen the Jeffrey on one of the many videos Dasilva put out which I’m guessing helped propel it as their most popular board.

Lighter and more durable package than ever before, while maintaining that naturally nimble euphoric feel the Jeffrey is known for.

by abooard

At the minimum we at abooard put ourselves in the position of the basic starter, the budget constrained, the “I want to bring my board everywhere“… – type of rider.

So of all of Dasilva’s creations we are leaning towards The Aldous, designed for versatility. The aldous is the one board that can help you progress in as many longboard disciplines as you can.

Dasilva’s own hybrid build. The aldous was designed as the go to board for just chilling out with your crew or getting technical on flats. It will even get you down your favorite hill in perfect steeze.

Symmetrical in shape means you don’t have to figure out the nose from the tail (that’s just too complicated man!). They’ve added small cutouts for wheelbite prevention if you want to ride on bigger wheels.

Updated bamboo composite construction that makes for explosive pop in a lighter, livelier and more durable package than ever before.

Lots of room to move your trucks wheelbase and fine tune it to your personal preference.

Dasilva’s lineup totals 11 boards. Maybe it’s time to update your quiver and lock down that new trick you have been watching on YouTube.

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