Bar Erez

Freestyle · Dancing · Downhill

Tel Aviv, Israel

So I’m riding about 6 years now (so long).

How did I start? – I was in the skate park in Kfar Saba, Israel doing inline skate my first love, the skate got broken somehow so I was about to go home and I saw people do longboard that was my first meeting with the Dasilva family of longboard back then.

I ride freestyle and dancing, downhill only few in a year – I’m afraid to get addicted to that too☺

My favorite tricks

My favorite trick hmmm no comply I tried it 6 month just to jump back to the board… hard to understand good feeling when success!

Favorite Trick - No Comply
On being sponsored

I got recently sponsored by a local shop @wavers_boardsociety, now I’m riding on landyachtz. So now I don’t need to buy the only board I wanted for so long so tnx to them.

Favorite deck

I got too many boards but I ride on only 3 of them : downhill / freestyle / dancer

Source of nourishment after a session

Fruit / beer / pizza /

What would you say to the person in the longboard scene who inspires you?

I will just want to skate with them I’m not a person of talking.

What is your struggle right now?

Life is awesome, no struggles!

Cross Stepping on a longboard
One piece of advice

To successfully land a trick you need to be patient.

Do you celebrate go skateboarding day? Why or why not?

We celebrate skateboarding day in Tel Aviv by cruising around the city. This gonna be the 5 year we do it and this time we do some small competition just for the motivation.

We celebrate because we can.

Tunes you like. Why?

Ash / Xavier Rudd / FKJ / Goldlink – love the music who gives me time to do some moves on the board.

No Comply
When not skating for myself

I always work with kids in basketball or rollerblades and 6 month ago I started longboarding class for kids. I have a weekly class with 9 kids for now between ages 6-11.

Always a good thing to start early , especially in longboarding it’s very easy to learn, it gives them trust , ability of balance, patience, create something by their self, dance, go fast. It’s like be a bird on your own way.

A personal quote

There’s no limits in longboarding unless you put some.

For the photos – special thanks goes to

Tim Nodelman
Tom Goldwaser

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