Achel Machin

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Paris, France

I have been longboarding for 4 years and I discovered it at DockSession in Paris.

What’s your favorite thing to do on a board and why?

It’s the spin because I think it is both stylish and impressive, and it’s super fun to do.

How did longboarding change you as a person?

First of all, it made me a happier person, helping me to let go, to feel pleasure and freedom. It also made me belong in a huge community, meet awesome people and travel a lot.

“Selfie” : taking a selfie with a disposable camera (that actually was out of pictures) after hosting the Mannheim Longboard Open.
On being sponsored

I currently ride for Majutsu Longboard, Paris Trucks, Blood Orange Wheels, Zealous Bearings and Faguo Shoes. Except for Majutsu, of which I knew the founder and helped him develop the brand, it all happened the same way : I contacted the brands showing my videos and asked them for support.

Being sponsored allows me to ride with the best equipment available on the market, and to do it as much as I want without being afraid of breaking it. It also helps me to have more reach on the social networks by sharing my content. One of the best things about it is they can also financially help me for traveling or other kinds of projects and for that I’m extremely grateful.

“DockSession” : Organizing a docksession and announcing the winners of the contest.

The only perk I could think of is that, the more sponsor you have, the more content you have to provide in return, and this can be a bit time and energy consuming. Although I have super good relationships with all of them, and I am really lucky because they don’t pressure me with anything, if I get a little less productive!

Do you have an everyday board, the board that you always ride with? Why this particular board?

Majutsu Odori 125, because it’s the best board I have ever ridden, and I have a very personal relationship with that board because I took part in its development. It is long enough for dancing (125cm/49″), super good for freestyle because it’s very light and pops incredibly high, and it’s so beautiful it’s like riding a piece of art!

Paris Savants 180mm 50 degrees, because they have the best carving feeling for dancing, the perfect height to maximize the pop of the board, and they are super durable. The different colors of the line up are also super good looking.

Blood Orange wheels LMF 65mm 82a, because their urethane is the best I have ever tried, making riding and carving super smooth and vibration free, while still being fast and reactive. I also feel super safe getting some speed with them because, even though they can slide, it never gets out of control.

Finally, Zealous ceramic bearings, because they are incredibly fast and the most durable I ever tried. And before I got sponsored by the brand, the fact that they are super affordable also weighed a lot in the balance.

What’s your favorite nourishment after a session?

Can I say a beer?

But more seriously, I am a food enthusiast so I love many different things. But I like riding until my batteries completely ran out, therefore I need a big and heavy meal after.

Do you have someone in longboarding or skateboarding you look up to?

Yeah, a lot ! In skateboarding, I admire the oldschool freestylers, like Rodney Mullen, Kilian Martin or Connor Burke.

And in longboarding, I was really inspired by Lotfi Lamaali, Luutse Brouwer, Brenno Brelvis, Duo Duo Geng, and even though we started riding together, I also admire Aboubakry Seck.

How did this person affect the way you longboard?

They all different styles that I love, and I try to take the part I like the most about them and integrate it to my riding.

If given a chance to meet this person what would you ask them, what would you want to talk about?

Well, if I met Rodney Mullen or Kilian Martin, I would ask them to teach me how to spin, if I actually managed to talk without stuttering.

What are your struggles right now?

I am in a life transition where longboarding went from being a hobby to my job, so I am trying to find ways to earn money with longboarding. But it brings me so much happiness I wouldn’t call that a struggle.

One piece of advice

Don’t forget to have fun.

Suggested Music, brief description or why?

Tim Maia – Rational Culture, for its groove, happiness. Relaxing and motivating at the same time.

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