What is abooard?

A web portal built out of pure love of longboarding.

It’s a community (wait for it)… for longboarders by longboarders. It’s a place to hangout between skate sessions. A place for positivity and inclusiveness (trolls exempted).

It doesn’t matter if you love going fast or strutting your moves on flats or maybe you’re the type who goes on mind bending distances. It doesn’t even matter if you push goofy, regular or mongo. Or if you don’t even know what some of these words actually mean… YOU are welcome here.

What can you do here?

Enjoy, have fun, learn, progress and help each other out. Other stuff you can do here:

  1. Find your future setup.
  2. Read about that rider you saw online.
  3. Discover communities from the other side of the world helping to spread the stoke one rider at a time.
  4. Be awesome and contribute.

abooard is all about sharing…

Sharing space, sharing knowledge, sharing ideas and of course sharing the stoke. Our goal is to keep the fire burning bright to guide everyone who is bitten by the longboard bug and for future longboarders to come.

And you know what they say… sharing is caring so abooard is all about that too!

For anything else that was not covered here feel free to reach out and someone will get in touch with you asap.